About Us

Hi there and welcome to Fakinel.

We specialise in designing unique t-shirts that you can find nowhere else.


Every single one of the designs featured on the website is an original piece of artwork, designed for passionate film buffs, TV show obsessives, political animals, party animals and people who don't eat animals.

Feel free to have a browse around, hopefully you'll find something you'll like.

All of the designs featured on the site are t-shirts I wish I could have found for sale online and in the end, decided to make for myself.

The only unifying element to all the designs is me and a small team. Make of that what you will.

I am not a printer and I don’t make the t-shirts myself, for that I use a number of highly skilled third party businesses who, over the years, have proven themselves to be the very best at what they do.


We're on the Shopify platform. 

Which makes Fakinel.com one of the most transparent online businesses you're ever likely to shop with. 


All of our preferred printers use a method called Direct To Garment Printing (DTG), a digital printing process that offers many advantages over standard screen printing.

Sublimation machinery to deliver DTG costs a small fortune! 

DTG printing applies specialized textile inks directly into the fibres of the clothing that is being printed.

Because of the digital nature of the printing process it means that our designs don’t need to be limited to a small selection of colours or simple designs.

DTG is a full colour CMYK printing process which allows for a palette of millions of colours and complex designs.

When properly cared for, DTG printed T-Shirts and Hoodies will remain as soft and bright as when first printed and unlike some other printing methods, our designs won’t crack or peel.

This handy video illustrates the DTG Printing process.

This means you get value for money and you don't deal with amateurs.

In the best tradition of print on demand, these trusted partners handle all the technical side of printing and fulfillment.

The goods are shipped from the UK unless stated otherwise.

Oh, and I'm a fiend for transparency on shipping costs. So there are no nasty surprises or profit made on our p+p.

All I do is design the shirts and stick them up online in the hope that maybe some other poor demented soul out there might find them as appealing as I do.